Combining photography with abstraction, spatial design and experience

Photographer Tiffany Peters is currently working on a graduation project which combines her photography skills with “an interest in abstraction, spatial design and experience”. Tiffany is a student of Academy of Popular Arts and her project could be a good example and inspiration to many. She is a person who seeks for innovation in the way photography is experienced and is eager to show us the new way on the 1st of June in the X-Lab in NHL, Leeuwarden.

By: Monika Rojute

The aim of this project, as told by the artist, is to implement photography in a daily life to encourage hard working people find time for a short break to daydream, meditate, to get some rest and refresh the mind. Accordingly, her chosen target group is students and staff of the university. During the exhibition, Tiffany will use her pictures and participants’ imagination to interact and explore the border between memories, reality and fantasy.

Visualization of the idea
Being as intrigued and slightly confused as you probably are, I ask Tiffany to give me more detail about the exhibition. To help visualize the idea more clearly, she agrees to explain the whole setting. Four pictures divided into 48 parts will be printed on panels made of recycled bottles. They will be placed on the ceiling to have a more unique and impressive effect. To make the exhibition more fulfilling, it was decided to integrate the lay down meditation session which would be directly focused on the pictures. It would be followed by examination of participant emotions, feelings, experiences towards colours, contrasts, shapes and movements.
Art and sustainability, meditation and self-exploration are common combinations trending worldwide these days. Artwork made by Tiffany stands out with its positive stimulation to explore the art and oneself. It is a great example for young artists and students of how to experiment with combinations and find your own ways.

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