Have you ever visited the ‘Groene Ster’? – Leeuwarden unmasked [2]

Yes, that’s right we have a green star of our own. It is a land full of white rabbits always hurrying, checking their clocks. Humans fall into the rabbit wholes and then forget about time as we know it, drink magic potions, and sit with the Mad Hatter. Well okay, in the normal world Groene Ster is a park hidden right outside of Leeuwarden as easy to reach with any type of transport.

By: Patrizia Rangelova – photo: Asaf Vana 

With its beautiful nature, improvised beaches, long alleys that cross forest, sand, and water, the place is perfect for a sunny Sunday picnic with friends or family, or both. On the other hand, there comes a time when the summer breeze starts to blow and warm our hearts. And in this time, magic lands open doors for thousands of visitors each year. Our Groene Ster becomes a battlefield, a love scene, a fairytale, and most importantly a host of great music festivals.

The summer season of 2018 will bring to De Groene Ster the experiences of Promised Land, Welcome to the Village, and Psy-Fi. One of these great adventures Psy-Fi has the mission to create a world of full of joy, art, music, culture, all under nature’s roof. Moreover, aims at creating a space where all people from all backgrounds can share and cooperate within a harmonious environment. As the organization states themselves: “The focus lays on the Psychedelic (sub)culture, a culture with core values such as love, unity, peace and respect.”

I asked here and there and found some great stories from many enthusiastic visitors and not only. Eventually managed to reach one of the artists involved in 2017’s edition of the open air. Then I talked with people that were involved as volunteers. And finally, many visitors’ opinions derived both from the social networks and friends of mine that all shared their stories and their Psy-Fi experience.

The most chill spot
One thing that everyone agreed on was that De Groene Ster is one of the best locations for a festival, describing it as ‘the most chill spot’ for any type of music. The possibilities the place provides to make use of the beautiful nature to create a whole new world makes it a unique location for all sorts of open air festivals. People said that every time it feels like a different place, because it has no boundaries for creativity.

Imagine walking through a night filled with colors, through mystical forests, and then waking up in the morning surrounded by a relaxed beach environment. Just talking about it is exciting. That’s why I am really looking forward to Psy-Fi’s 2018 Shamanic Experience in August.