10 things you should know about living in Leeuwarden

Living in Leeuwarden in the province of Friesland has its own advantages. Nice people all around, pleasant environment, very unexpecting weather, maybe Dutch stereotypes or good habits. New student in a town? Moving here these days? Just curious? There are some funny facts you should certainly know!

By: Tereza Baraková

  • Buy a bike. If you want to manage true Holland life, you have to buy one. It’s easy, don’t worry. As a cyclist, you have right of way almost all the time. But important thing – don’t forget to lock it very well, it can be easily stolen!
  • Don’t expect that you can pay everywhere with your card. My poor VISA is really discriminated here (eds: MasterCard is more usual).
  • Party life doesn’t start sooner than at midnight. On the other hand, don’t leave the club after 3am if you want to go back. You will be not allowed.
  • Buy a raincoat. Friesland is one of the most weather changing parts of the Netherlands. Even if it seems to be a nice sunny day, in 5 minutes everything can change into raining cats and dogs. (And throw away your umbrella, it’s not cool, haha.)
  • Don’t be surprised or even scared when someone says to you Hi! (Hoi!) while walking the street. It’s normal here.
  • Probably you meet a lot of cats on the streets. But don’t worry, everyone has its master. (Haha, I know you can’t own cats, they are the queens.)
  • Are you hungry at night? FEBO is here for you. ALWAYS. Right on the club street in city center.
  • You don’t know the directions? Ask locals. Everyone speaks English in the Netherlands. And very well!
  • If you live in Leeuwarden you probably know about Friday markets in the city centre. Lovely local products of all tastes, nice people and sellers. Your taste receptors just don’t stay calm! The bonus is that the selling goods are quite cheap! (If you didn’t know, you’ll find the market on the Zaailand)
  • You have probably already noticed the fact that most the Dutch guys are so so sooo tall! Did you know that Dutch men are the tallest in the world? The average height is 183 cm, unbelievable!

Did you know it all? If you didn’t, now you are perfectly prepared for living in this capital of the province of Friesland. Enjoy your stay in Leeuwarden no matter how long it will be.