The List: creating awareness in the center of Leeuwarden

Walking around the main street of the center of Leeuwarden during this month, we could find something that in the beginning we might not identify. Close to the canal, there were some fences with white canvas full of names.  What were these names? What did they represent? More

A look inside Valletta2018

Cultural capitals always come in pares. This year, Leeuwarden is linked with the capital of Malta: Valletta. Narrow Streets, music around every corner and lots of terraces characterize this historic city. The Valletta 2018 Cultural Programme is a collection of over 140 projects and 400 events, which mostly have already taken place.Valletta has invested strongly in a programme that involves international and local artists collaborate. A total of 10 million has been spendon several infrastructure projects to evolve and expand even beyond 2018. Time for me to check out if you can actually see something from these investments in the city. More

Horse full of plastic

You may have seen it: the big, plastic horse that was floating through the canals of Leeuwarden. Youth movement ‘The Green Alert’ took action to ask for attention for the plastic problem that is getting bigger and bigger. YourPost came in contact with Julia van der Meer, intern at O3 Leeuwarden and with that also a part of The Green Alert. More

Meeting the Mayor

 Almost 100 international students  gathered together the last 15th of October in front of the Town Hall door in the center of Leeuwarden. What could have brought them there? The answer is Ferd Crone, the mayor of Leeuwarden. He has been in office for almost 11 years and two weeks ago he welcomed the international students to the city. More

Scooter’S: international atmosphere & karaoke party

If you walk through Ruiterskwartier and you look around, you will realise that there is a place different from the others. The musical instruments are its introduction card, exposed behind the glass of his facade. An identity sign to discover what is inside. What is this place? What can we find here? More

Nice to meet you Sinterklaas

This funny article was written last year. It was sent after Sinterklaas and too late to upload then. Now it’s in time. Even though Sinterklaas himself is from Antalya, Turkey – just like my mom – I didn’t know anything much about him till I moved to the Netherlands. While using the term of ‘anything much’ I actually mean ‘nothing’! But it didn’t take much time for me to get to know about this old, legendary man and his Piets. More