Each country has its own new year’s traditions

New Year’s Eve is a time of different traditions in Fryslân and the Netherlands. For example, the last day of the year is the only day that the typically Dutch game ‘sjoelen’ is played, that the real Frisian people go ‘carbidschieten’ in the meadows and that we eat ‘oliebollen’. As soon as midnight nears, we end the year with a drink while we watch the last seconds tick by on the clock on the television.  Of these typical Dutch and Frisian traditions, we are often not even aware. This is just how it is supposed to be and how we do it every time. But what is normal in other cultures? More

Scooter’S: international atmosphere & karaoke party

If you walk through Ruiterskwartier and you look around, you will realise that there is a place different from the others. The musical instruments are its introduction card, exposed behind the glass of his facade. An identity sign to discover what is inside. What is this place? What can we find here? More