A look inside Valletta2018

Cultural capitals always come in pares. This year, Leeuwarden is linked with the capital of Malta: Valletta. Narrow Streets, music around every corner and lots of terraces characterize this historic city. The Valletta 2018 Cultural Programme is a collection of over 140 projects and 400 events, which mostly have already taken place.Valletta has invested strongly in a programme that involves international and local artists collaborate. A total of 10 million has been spendon several infrastructure projects to evolve and expand even beyond 2018. Time for me to check out if you can actually see something from these investments in the city. More

Meeting the Mayor

 Almost 100 international students  gathered together the last 15th of October in front of the Town Hall door in the center of Leeuwarden. What could have brought them there? The answer is Ferd Crone, the mayor of Leeuwarden. He has been in office for almost 11 years and two weeks ago he welcomed the international students to the city. More

Welcome to the Village: it started off on a beer mat

The festival that started off on a beer mat. Welcome to the Village was established in 2013. A group of friends that form the organization of ‘Poppodium Asteriks’ were having a drink together and decided they wanted to do something outside, a festival. This soon turned into a unique festival that is becoming more popular every year. Rutger Smit, festival- and production coordinator of Welcome to the Village (see picture),is giving us a better look at the festival. More