Souvenirs inspired by Workumer pottery

LEEUWARDEN – European Capital of Culture 2018 is coming soon, as everyone is busy for the upcoming thousands of tourists arriving to visit Friesland. Especially Simone Larabi, an interior designer interested in presenting to future tourists, the origins and heritage of Friesland through her project “Souvenirs geïnspireerd op Workumer aardewerk” (Souvenirs inspired by Workumer pottery).

By: Laura Apostle – photo: Sjoerd Zwaan

Along with It Erfskip, a developer of souvenirs for Leeuwarden 2018, and De gebroeders Kunst uit Workum, the pottery that produces “Workumer aardewerk”, Simone is traveling through Friesland to discover and capture wonderful stories, memories, and experiences of the local citizens of Friesland. Without having to use any words, you can see the remorse of the time that has past in the people’s eyes, and without any doubt the stories are told with a bittersweet feeling, as locals are exicted to share their memories with the whole world. These stories will be illustrated on a series of souvenir tiles, along with a series if photographs as the one above, in partnership with De gebroeders Kunst uit Workum.

Tiles and book
The tiles will go together with a book describing the delightful memories of the Friesland residents. The products will be co-developed with the people of Friesland in collaboration with professional designers from Friesland and from abroad.

Wonderful stories
Simone is very excited about the opportunities that Leeuwarden 2018 will bring, as the project is all about passing the memory of Friesland to future tourists, leaving them with a piece of Friesland and the wonderful stories of its people.