Stone books and beer out of bread at the Green Alert Market

In today’s times, you will always come across the topic of sustainability and climate change. However, it is necessary to be aware and informed about the ongoing negative changes in our environment and how we are able to prevent them or slow them down. Therefore, the student founded organization Green Alert organized an interactive market to promote sustainability and create awareness. They invited different ecological working companies and organization to Neushoorn Leeuwarden.

By: Leo Wildhagen

When I attended the market, I was directly blown by the atmosphere and the huge amounts of information, given by the exhibitors. The range of presented products was very broad and the entire event was underlined by different musicians, which fitted perfectly to the atmosphere. Moreover, due to the topic of the market, the companies tried to transfer their product or message in an interactive way. Therefore, the visitors had a lot of interactive products to try and snacks to taste.

Sustainability to grasp
At the market, you see the broad range of sustainable products. You could learn about beer, made out of bread or tomato sauce, which is made of tomatoes, that cannot be sold anymore, but also about ecological car wax. One of the products, which impressed me the most, were the 50 notebooks, which were given to the first 50 visitors for free. The pages of these notebooks were made out of stone paper. This paper uses way less resources, such as trees, water, bleach or toxin, than usual paper. Moreover, the organization returns their profit partly to the nature, by educating and financing reforestation.
So, if you are interested in sustainability, keep yourself updated, the next interactive market is coming soon.