The music band ‘We are Hunters’

LEEUWARDEN – Meet Bram Jensen who is 22 years old and a drummer of ‘We are Hunters’. The group consists of five members and a manager: Tim Bronmeijer – Guitar, Steven Grob – Guitar, Sven Lenssen – Bass guitar, Rico Neeter – Vocalist, Sander Damen – Manager.

By: Debora Dimitrova

Tell me something more about your band? 
,,’We are Hunters’ originated from the Minor Music and Theater Management, which I took about a year ago. On the second day we had a music introduction class scheduled, but not all the students had the same level of musical capabilities. So the six of us who had music experiences had been put in a different room to make music for our own. Within two hours we had written two songs, and we just played so well together that we decided that we could make a project out of this. We started a crowdfunding and after just two months, we had raised the needed amount to record our first EP, called Chapter I, in November 2016.”

What does the name of your band mean and where did it come from? 
,,It doesn’t mean anything actually. As we were setting up a band from scratch, we needed a name. Someone said that we needed a name that emphasizes collectivity, then another yelled: ,, We are Hunters” (amongst other ridiculous suggestions) and we just went with it. It started as a joke, but we like the name. It is the same as for our single Reykjavik. We don’t take life too serious, just our music.”

Do you often have concerts and where? Leeuwarden?
,,It depends on the month and on our schedule. Most of us are doing their internship, so it’s quite hard to find a moment when everyone is able to play. And since we’ve just started, we are still building our network on venues which want us to play for them. Usually we play twice a month. We haven’t played in Leeuwarden yet, and it is not in our schedule sadly. Although we are very willing to play here.”

What are your plans for the future?
Since we have just released our first EP, we will be playing shows to promote our EP as much as we can. However, there is a probability that we will launch a new single soon. Furthermore, we will be working on new material of course.”