YourPost’s DNA: Karolina Dasenkovaite from Lithuania

Hello! My name is Karolina; however, I like when people refer to me as Caroline. I do not know why, maybe it sounds better? People always ask me that. I am 21 years old media student from a small yet incredibly beautiful country in the Baltic states – Lithuania. I grew up in a rather small city called Klaipeda. It is next to the sea side; therefore, I am definitely fond of places that are rather small and surrounded by water. Interestingly, I ended up living in Leeuwarden which is also a rather small city surrounded by water. I love it. The minute I arrived here, I fell in love with the beautiful small streets and cozy cafeterias. It stole my heart and it has it ever since.

I remember the first days in Leeuwarden. My parents came with me and we explored the city together. After a long walk to see my new university we ended up in the city center. I remember this moment so clearly. Me and my parents were sitting on the benches in the het Wilhelminaplein square of Leeuwarden while my brother was running around. The weather was so nice, the sun was shining but it was not too warm. It was the perfect moment. Now every time I pass the square, I see the bench we were sitting on. Back then I did not know what was in front of me and now I experienced so much during my 3 years here, however the bench remains there. It is my special place.

I joined YourPost just recently. I did not know I was longing for something creative in my life until the minute I was a part of YourPost. I love to be creative and to write and I could not be happier that YourPost gives me the opportunity to do that.