A personal story: Street art in Leeuwarden – Intro

I came to Leeuwarden about two months ago and noticed the many very beautiful graffiti and street art works around. Therefore I wanted to get deeper into the topic. There is a “Street Art Tour” here in Leeuwarden, it can be found at: www.aguidetoleeuwarden.nl/streetarttour, but they offer it just every half a year or so. Nevertheless, I really wanted to know more about the street art scene, because this kind of art makes every city unique.

By: Anna Greifeneder

I started my research and what a better way to explore a city then with walking and let things find you? Soon I found out that Leeuwarden is loaded with street art! Online you can find the www.graffitiplatformleeuwarden.com to find specific places for graffiti, but it is also enough to walk through the centre.

Philosophy of Streetart
Street art is the general term for visual art in public, on the street. It includes many different ways and styles. Graffiti is just one form of street art. Often there is hardly any information or not even the name of the artist available. Reason is that placing art on streets or walls is often not legal and no one wants their name connected to a forbidden behaviour, or at least not their real name. Many artists are part of a crew and tag the name of the crew in the form of a symbol. But this is in most cases not easy to read or even decipherable.

Endless extent of streetart
In the series that follows, I want to show you some of the artworks I found in Leeuwarden. I tried to figure out some additional background information. I hope the series point out the diversity of streetart, with its different artists, locations and styles.