A Somalian Professional Table Tennis Player in a wheelchair

Meet Magan Tahir, who is an athlete international professional table tennis player, who lives in Leeuwarden. In 1992, his life turned around when he was hit by grenade in the back at the age of 14 years, during the war.

By: Stephen Krans 

He felt nothing in his back after the grenade hit him and he knows something was wrong with him. Eventually, he flew with his father to the Netherlands via Kenya. ,,When I arrived in the Netherlands in 1994, I was transported to MCL, the Leeuwarder hospital for treatment. But, it came too late for me to walk again. Since then I am sitting in the wheelchair.”

Magan Tahir was born in Mogadishu the capital of Somalia, and came to Netherland when he was sixteen years. ,,I spend almost one year in asylum centre. I don’t let the problems of my country overwhelm me. I used that one year in the asylum centre, to become strong again. I always do what I like to do best, which is sporting.”

Magan works very hard to achieve his dream as a professional table tennis player. Magan won many matches both home and abroad. He was part of the Dutch national team. He was champion of the Netherlands six times, and won bronze at the world championship. He is enthusiastic and motivated to promote sport in general. Magan also gives presentations about his life and lectures in schools about being active and stay strong. You can find all his speeches and activities in his YouTube page @magantahir.

The YouTube Link: The video I made with Magan Tahir