Meet Takudzwa Matondi (Wolfgang Taku), an African artist in Leeuwarden

LEEUWARDEN – Takudzwa Matondi is an interesting person, he is 22 years old and he came from Zimbabwe to Leeuwarden for his study when he was 19. He now focusses on different forms of arts: he writes poetry and puts this poetry into music. He also founded the community Chosen Identity in Leeuwarden, were people with an interest for art, music and/or entertainment can come together and share their passion.

By: Joël Wierth

Takudzwa, can you tell us something more about yourself and why you came to Leeuwarden?

,,I come from a family of three, and I am brought up in Zimbabwe, a place not many people know about.’’ Takudzwa would like people to know that he is ambitious, creative, empathic and a member of Chosen Identity.

Takudzwa has a rather spiritual outlook on his coming to Leeuwarden: ,,Leeuwarden has chosen itself for me. Everything that I have gained, have experienced, have achieved and gone through, has led me to the place where I am now. It has happened by life’s own artistic design.” Takudzwa loves his neighbourhood in Leeuwarden and likes to take walks in the city.

How did you start with your art of poetry and rapping?
,,I was 19 years old in Zimbabwe, fresh out of high school and with a lot of free time. I lived a tough life and I needed an escape from my background. I saw a YouTube video of a spoken word artist, which became my moment of inspiration, and opened a getaway for me. Writing gave me a sense of freedom I never knew I needed.’’

What inspires you?
,,I’m inspired by life and in that sense everything which defines the word. This means time, moments, memories, laughter, people, places and the sum of everything which life consists of, somehow progresses into art.” Takudzwa’s talent for rapping can be heard on his Soundcloud address.

You are also in a community called ‘Chosen Identity’, what does it stand for and why did you create it?
,,Chosen Identity is a project that I started a year or so ago, based on my philosophy of life. The fundamental idea is that every person is entitled to decide their own identity. Furthermore, that it can and should turn into a reality that people can perceive. Within our community we perceive art, music and entertainment as expressions of who we are. We make music, organise parties and function like a business, but live together as if we were a family.” Everyone can join this community so feel free to check them out on Facebook.

What are your plans for the future?
,,My future is not totally up to me. I just hope that I am able to keep making music and that I am able to make people feel good because of my creations. I hope to get to keep meeting people, moments and situations in whatever future I find myself in. Even at this moment I’m not sure about it.’’

You can read more about Chosen Identity and the music of Takudzwa Matondi, (Wolfgang Taku) here:

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