Bright woman with a colourful soul

LEEUWARDEN – Nynke is an owner of the most colourful shop in Leeuwarden, and is one of the brightest women of the city with a friendly and sweet smile. Keeping this shop is not only a responsibility she does, but it is also her hobby. What Nynke loves are colours and the ways people express themselves by using different colours. The owner of “Nyna” told me an inspiring and “colourful” story about the moments in her life.

By: Ksenia Padaliakina

,,I am fond of Leeuwarden – the whole life I have been living here. First, I was studying for art teacher, but later on decided to open my own business. I am doing it by myself now, but I should say that I did not start it alone. One day, twenty years ago, me and my friend Anna were walking with my dog and talking about the future. We were sharing what exactly we want from our lives. And, surprisingly, after this conversation we came up with an idea of opening a store, where people can buy different handmade things from different parts of the world! We decided to combine our names together and call our shop “Nyna”. We also found out that we know people who import stuff from Indonesia and, afterwards, everything went really quick. We were young and full of energy, so why should not we try?”

Interested in cultures
,,We used to have more wooden statues in the shop, especially from Indonesia, but I realised that articles that have bright colours attract me very much. Also, I was always interested in cultures. I am fond of things people make in Mexico, because they are colourful, and also religious and superstitious. A lot of people think that such handmade works are scary, but I am a real fan of them. I am not religious, but, in my opinion, everybody has a right to believe in what they want. This is the reason why my shop is so bright and has so many religious statues and other traditional articles from different parts of the world.”

Twenty years
,,Although I buy everything from other people, the decorations and layout I do by myself. I like equipping the store and keeping an eye on how everything is placed. I am doing this business for twenty years so far, and it keeps growing over the years.” The reason why Nynke loves colours is because she believes they give a soul to everything. ,,Even when you wear something bright, it lifts up not only you, but people around you as well!”
Who knows? This might be a reason why people of Leeuwarden have such lively smiles and more positive outlook on life!