Ksenia Padaliakina from Belarus – YourPost’s DNA

Hey everyone! Here I am. My name is Ksenia and I am 20 years old girl, who was raised in a beautiful and peaceful country – Belarus. My native language is Russian, but I am fluent in English as well. A few years ago I decided to study Media, and my choice fell on Leeuwarden. And that is how everything began – my interests in different cultures, travelling and meeting people from all over the world.

Personally, I enjoy the nature and beauty of the city. When I have free time, I take a blanket, any book, a piece of bread, and then head to my favorite place in Leeuwarden – Westerpark. This is my special place. Only here I can be completely relaxed and forget about every day life routine. I also like feeding ducks that come to me every time I visit the park. These adorable animals make me feel better when I spend some time with them.
Why YourPost? It is easy: I love writing and sharing things that give me inspiration. I hope that my stories will inspire the readers as well.

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