Le Bal Masqué, “behind the mask, who are you?”

Leeuwarden’s student scene had, once again, another unforgettable night. Together with StuRa LEM (Leisure & Events Management), IBCO organized their first mask ball at Club Red on May 22nd. Inspired by the success of former collaborations, as the “Office Party”, the two student councils decided to organize another night full of laughter, mystery, music and more. To receive an insight into the event, the idea behind it and the future plans for Le Bal Masqué, “Your Post” interviewed Ryan Faber, president of IBCO and initiator of the event.

By: Marisa Greiner – video: Carolin Böhnemann, Eva Snoek, Daniël Bakker & Thijs Wever

How did you come up with the idea?
“The initial idea behind the ball was based on the success of the IBMS Ball one and a half years ago. IBMS (International Business Management School) asked me to organize a second edition, something similar to the “Winterball”. While we originally planned to organize the ball ourselves, we quickly realized that we need more people and when Kyra Bär (president of StuRa LEM) approached me, we decided to collaborate.”

What differentiates “Le Bal Masqué” from other parties in Leeuwarden?
“We wanted a mix between a party and a ball, something chic but also fun. To additionally differentiate, StuRa came up with the idea to do a masquerade ball. The goal was to make it to an annual ball right before the summer break. Something special, something to dress up, to have fun and to remember.”

How did you come up with the name?
“It took quite a long time, but after long brainstorming sessions we finally came up with “Le Bal Masqué”. We wanted something that catches everyone’s attention and that people will remember.”

Was it hard to find sponsors?
“Since this was the first time, we organized the event, it was really hard at the beginning, but we managed to find two great sponsors in the end and I’m really thankful for their support. I believe that now that we know how many people are interested in such events and that there are already a lot of people who heard about it, it will be much easier to find sponsors next year.”

Do you want to do it again next year?
“Unfortunately, I won’t be here next year, but I hope they will organize it again! With more than 500 guests, the event was a huge success! Whether it is to find sponsors or to promote the event, we (they) should definitely use this year’s success.”

How did you manage to make it to such a success?
“Our promotion definitely played an important role! We put a lot of effort into our promotion videos and tickets sales. I strongly believe that made a great difference! Overall, I’m just really proud of the whole team. None of this would have been possible without everyone’s help! We were all really involved, and everyone worked very hard. I’m really happy!”