Paulina Buinickaite from Lithuania – YourPost’s DNA

My name is Paulina Buinickaite, I am 21 years old and I am from Lithuania. I came to the Netherlands in 2015, right after I graduated high school. I made this decision after searching for media studies in Europe. I choose between the rainiest countries – England and The Netherlands. But after my best friend telling me so many nice things about the Netherlands, eventually I ended up studying Media and Entertainment Management at the Stenden University of Applied Science and now am a third-year student.

Leeuwarden has definitely become my second home. Those three years I have spent here were full of new experiences, new friends, Dutch language, food and culture. Could mention many things I am grateful about and all the experiences I had since I moved to Leeuwarden.

What I like about Leeuwarden is the cosiness of the city, beautiful canals, sunny days you appreciate so much and the people I have met here. Also, I love the fact that everyone speaks English. Even my 10 years old neighbours and the 80 years old people I serve at my work. Compared with my country where almost nobody from the older generation speaks English it was amazing.

Talking about a special place in Leeuwarden I really cannot pick only one, because every place is special in different ways. Every place already has its own story- my first date, my first work, best concert, or the best boat trip. It has it all and it is so nice to have all these memories. Even though I probably won’t live in Leeuwarden after my graduation but I will always remember this city as my home.

I decided to join YourPost because I support the idea behind it and I would like to do something meaningful for the city which I call home.