Show your Arts on 20x18cm

Gallery Westerkade organises the exhibition ‘Artist show your Arts on 20×18 in 2018’. In this exhibition more than 500 block panels of the format of 20x18cm, made by more than 350 artists from many different fields, are displayed.

By: Arnoud Boerkoel

Gallery Westerkade is located near the silent waters of Leeuwarden’s canals, behind the City’s theatre the Harmonie, hidden under a series of townhouses. The Gallery looks calm and quit from the outside, but on the inside the calmness is replaced by a pleasant bustle. There is a lot of art displayed throughout the gallery. Some visitors stay more than an hour, because there is always something new to see.

There are a lot of different works of art within the exposition. For example, there is ceramics, stained glass, felt arts, photography, paintworks and much more. Furthermore, there is no shortage of different styles, for instance realistic, abstract and even the Oldehove, a popular landmark of Leeuwarden, is painted in the style of Van Gogh

The amount of variety is possible due to the freedom that the Gallery owner, Henk Dillerop, gives his artists. “I do not restrict the artist, only the format; 20 by 18 cm”. The format is derived from Cultural Capital 2018 and is according to Dillerop unusual in the art scene, which makes it a challenge for many artists. “Many artists first participated reluctantly with one panel and now there are artists that already have made three works of art for the exhibition”.

Shifting Art
Because there is so much variety within the collection, a themed wall has been created. The artistic creations displayed at the wall have a similarity, for example colour or portraits. These themes vary over time, changing the context of the works of art. The change of context makes it possible to look at the art in a different way, to the collection, as well as the works on their own.

The works of art change location over the exhibition period too. The works of art can be seen at gallery Bella Vista in Leeuwarden, gallery Kunst in Beweging in Koudum, gallery Moglas in Kubaard and gallery Artbruf058 in Leeuwarden. Furthermore, Dillerop indicates that he would like to get artists to speak about their work(s) every last Sunday of the month.

The exhibition is opened from 5 April until 28 October at all five locations in Friesland.