Street art in Leeuwarden [7]: The color-blind artist and his work

“Untitled,” created by Color Blind, Harke Broersma, Nash & B-Art
This work was created by Color Blind. He got help from Nash and B-Art. This was commissioned in November 2018 by the Writer’s Block Mural Art Festival on the wall of the local theatre De Harmonie. Color Blind knows the word “prejudices” virtually not at all. He himself is color blind.

By: Mayelle Franze

Moreover, he works without making a difference in color, gender or sexual preference. Therefore, he constructs a male ballerina in a pink tutu. With this he wants to make a statement and appeal to people’s homophobia. Ballerina’s tattoos are also full of meanings. Another remarkable fact is that Color Blind is afraid of heights. While he was creating this big wall, his elevator got stuck once and he could not go down anymore. The fire brigade had to save him.

That works of art are not just beautiful to look at but contain a deeper meaningbecomes clear while looking at the masterpieces of the great artists Monet or Da Vinci. Therefore, it is not outlandish that street art also has a deeper meaning. This makes it even more interesting when one gets a glimpse behind the scenes and thus gets a completely different view of the art presented in front of one.