Gerd Dijkstra: Sustainable Lifestyle is the Smart Lifestyle (2)

Gerd Dijkstra is a local entrepreneur, who runs Cafeteria Goudenregen, kite shop Vliegerzone, teaches Filipino and Indonesian martial arts delivers mail and practices sustainable lifestyle. His house is completely powered by green energy, and this part, he explained to me how sustainable living benefits his family and the community.


The man behind Cafeteria Goudenregen (1)

LEEUWARDEN – Gerd Dijkstra (53) is a real Frisian with the energy of eighteen-year-old. He is Leeuwarden based entrepreneur and together with his family runs Cafeteria Goudenregen, kite store Vliegerzone, teaches Filipino and Indonesian martial arts at his own gym, sells and helps people to install solar panels, practices sustainable lifestyle and also delivers mail. More

The future is here! NHL’s simulation and game-based learning hub is now open

LEEUWARDEN – Gaming and learning at the same time? Sounds like a dream of the most contemporary students. Wednesday, April 12th, was the official opening day of SIGA lab – first simulation and game-based learning research laboratory in Leeuwarden. More