Vesela Ganeva, a second-year Hospitality student, and a Youtuber

Many students from different countries come to study Hotel Management in NHL Stenden. Do you wonder why? NHL Stenden is one of the most popular universities when we talk about the Hospitality industry. The students here can not only learn the main subjects concerning the Hospitality sector, but they can also practice it. The program allows them to work at one of the Stenden Café’s and the Stenden’s hotel, where they can gain lots of experience.

By: Iva Karamfilova

Vesela Ganeva is a 20 years old student from Nesebar, Bulgaria, a beautiful town close to the Black Sea. She is currently in her second year of the Hospitality course. Despite her studies, she has many hobbies, and one of them is being a Youtuber. I had the chance to interview her and ask her about her studies and the YouTube channel.

How did you choose to study Hospitality Management?
,, I have been working at a young age in the Hospitality field. That experience inspired me to think that I can be successful within the Hospitality industry. I loved working in a restaurant, I enjoyed being behind the bar and communicating with different people every day. That decision was not hard to be made and now I am a happy second-year hospitality management student. ”

What do you like the most about the Hospitality course?
,, I personally love the diversity of tasks we have to deal with. It is so different every day and I can say that I have learned so much so far. I was impressed by the methods our teachers are using to provide us with the needed information and the fact that we have practice in every department of a hotel is so impressive to me. ”

Vesela is not only a full-time student but also a Youtuber. Her journey on YouTube begins six months after she lived in the Netherlands. While Vesela was still in Bulgaria, she wanted to find out more information about her study program, but she couldn’t find other information except on the website of Stenden that is how she got the inspiration to start her channel: ,, It was so chaotic before I came to the Netherlands. I couldn’t find information about my course. There were videos of people studying abroad but not in the Netherlands itself. After my 6th month in Holland, I decided to start up the channel because I want to inspire and motivate people. Furthermore, I want to give clear information to those who are just on the start line.”

What she thinks is the hardest thing when becoming a Youtuber is that you need to reach more people than just your daily circle and be consistent: ,, It is for sure, reaching out more people than your daily circle. You need to be consistent, and it is hard while combing my studies, besides that, I have a strict schedule of uploading videos every week.’

How do you generate new topics for the YouTube channel?
,, Sometimes I inspire myself with other videos but most of the time I choose the topic from my own experience and I am questioning myself. As an example, I think would be useful for my audience, what would they like to know If they are considering going abroad now and that kind of thing.”

Can you tell us a little about the topic of your next video?
,, My next video will be about my visions and goals in 2021 and how I motivate myself to work towards these goals. It will be all about the vision board that I created for myself and how having a vision board would affect everyone’s life. Why it is important to have that kind of board and other interesting topics for self-developing! ”

We wish Vesela much luck with her YouTube channel and studies, and we look forward to her next video and seeing her again!

Youtube Channel: Vessy Vibez