YourPost’s DNA: Andreia Pires from Portugal


Hi, my name is Andreia I’m 20 years old and I am from Portugal. I live in a small town call São Pedro do Estoril it’s amazing because it’s near the sea and every day when I wake up and open my window I can smell the beach. In my home country, I’m studying Marketing and Advertising. In Leeuwarden, I’m studying the Communication course at NHL Stenden University. I choose this course because I wanted to develop my communication skills using a different language than my own.

I came to the Netherlands with a friend and now roommate, Raquel. My personality doesn’t allow me to come alone to a different country, because I’m really afraid of taking risks by myself so the best option to do this experience, of living six months in a different country, was going with my friend Raquel. And now I can say that I never felt alone in here. We share a house near to the city center and it’s amazing.

I really love this city, although the weather in Portugal is better and I kinda miss that. The first impressions that I had when I arrived in Leeuwarden were being amazed because of the canals, the views and the people are so nice that everywhere we go they can speak in English with us.

The things that I like doing the most in here is going to the market every Friday afternoon, hang out with my friends in the park next to the university and visiting new places, because this city is small but they have a lot of surprise places that we can discover with time!

I’m really excited to be in Leeuwarden and very happy to join the family of YourPost, so I hope both of us can learn from each other.