YourPost’s DNA: Filip Svechev from Bulgaria

Hello there. My name is Filip Svechev, a 19-year-old Creative Business student over at NHL Stenden. I come from a city called Pernik which is located in Bulgaria.

During my high school years, I often wondered where I wanted to continue my education once I graduated. As someone who has always had a great interest in both science and media, I found it difficult to decide in which area I wanted to have a career. I finally made up my mind after my brother had told me about a university he had learned about. That university was NHL Stenden in the city of Leeuwarden. I looked into the different courses and found the Creative Business one quite appealing. I have always enjoyed things such as reading books, watching and discussing movies and listening to music, and the prospect of learning more about these media products is what drew me to that program. After doing some contemplating and researching I concluded that this is what I wanted to study after high school.

The main reason why I never regretted this decision was because of Leeuwarden. I fell in love with this city on the first day I came here. The place has all the qualities I like – culturally different from my town, not overly populated, attractive architecture, friendly people and many more. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in this beautiful country.