YourPost’s DNA: Kristine Moiseikova from Latvia

Hello, my name is Kristine, Kristina or just Kris. I am a 22-year-old Latvian girl. I am not the typical Latvian girl because I have multinational roots. My grandparents are from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Latvia. That is why I speak Latvian and Russian languages fluently. In my family we speak only Russian language, but the Latvian language I use whilst speaking with professionals.

At my home university in Riga I study Public Relations. And now, I am an exchange student at NHL Stenden studying Communication. I wanted to become an exchange student since I was 19. I was afraid of going abroad but in my last year I decided to give myself a challenge. And here I am.

When I came here for the first time I just fell in love with Leeuwarden. I like absolutely everything about this city. And I am so happy I got anopportunity to get acquainted with the Dutch culture. People in Leeuwarden are very welcoming and friendly. And everyone I meet speaks English fluently which surprised me a lot. In the beginning of my exchange program, I did not want to cycle because I am not used to it and actually thought I would be bad at it. After watching how my friends enjoyed cycling I decided to try it as well. Now, I cannot imagine how I could live without it. I am feeling that I have gotten closer to Dutch culture.

I thought about my favourite place in Leeuwarden and I cannot choose only one. I like a lot the city centre of Leeuwarden with the small beautiful streets. I like the canal near NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. I feel myself there very comfortable. I like the whole city on the whole.

I came to YourPost to get the possibility to share my thoughts and emotions about living in Leeuwarden with other people. And also, to find out new interesting places and people.