Yvonne Bleijinga: ,,Photography is my hobby, job and passion”

‘Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying’ (Roy T. Bennett). Yvonne Bleijinga is the owner of eYeCatch Photography and media. In her early age, she went to Cambridge University to study the English Language. To achieve her dream, after some years she went to the School of Photography (Fotovakschool). After graduating, she continued to specialize in photography. She also organizes workshops on how to use a smartphone to take professional pictures.

By: Stephen Krans – photo: Yvonne Bleijinga

When did you start as a professional photographer?
,,In 2004 I started as an artistic professional photographer. Which means that the technical aspect of photography is applied to the creative image. During my workshops and courses, I distinguish creativity and professionalism as a thinking and doing the idealistic and artistic theme from the free mind.”

Yvonne, can you tell us something more about your work as a Photographer?
,,Photography is my hobby and also my job! It’s my passion for living. I like to display the human aspect behind a portrait. What is behind a face? What stories are there to tell? Can this make me stop judging? What do our eyes see? Who are you? To really get in touch with each other, actually, listen to each other. Do I judge you? Do you judge me? And why not just be quiet and listen? We are all the same in our unique way. We are all so beautiful!”

,,This is what I always keep in mind when photographing a person. But also landscapes. What does this landscape tell me? How do I see this landscape? How can I appreciate life? Gratitude is Plentitude. I love the Dutch coast, and that is why I live in Friesland, in Harlingen to be precise. Every day, every hour, every minute, the light changes. Like life itself actually……”

How everything started with photography using the smartphone?
,,Two years ago I asked myself how I can reach to more people, not only to be happy but also to make better pictures without needing expensive and cumbersome gear! Through my research, I discovered that our smartphone can make great pictures and video. That is beginning of the workshops “Smartphone photography”. I also have a sunset photography club, where we learn to photograph the sunset. Amazing things happen sometimes with this magical light! It makes us appreciate life and the world more.”

,,From September 2017 on I will be giving workshops on Smartphone photography in different libraries in Friesland.  The ‘Volksuniversiteit Fryslân’ initiated the concept. The workshop will be only on Fridays. And I also have different groups of people attending my workshops. Six different companies asked me to give the workshops for their employees. Some of them will participate in the workshops in Harlingen. Recently I wrote an e-book (PDF) with the 10 most useful Tips & Tricks on Smartphone Photography. You can find the details on my website.”

What are your challenges?
,,I am working on the next E-Book about Photography and Smartphone Photography, my hope is for everyone to take better photos. Another challenge will be  my workshop coming up in September 2018, where a group of 30 people will attend the workshop Smartphone photography.  We ar hoping to do some amazing things and create some miracles!  As a result of this, I hope to organize a photo-exhibition next year . Everyone is more than welcome to learn about photography, taking your pictures to a higher level, learning amazing tips & tricks and discovering and respecting people whom you had never met before. Also, I will be doing some more studio work on the portraits . Multicultural,  ‘different people’ about ‘labeling’ people and the understanding  of them will be highlighted.”

Do you have any plan for LF2018?
,,I have some plans for LF2018 concerning Photography, but still working on it together with Kunstkade Leeuwarden. You can also join our Smartphone Photography Club Holland on Facebook! Or check my website: http://www.eyecatch-fotografie.nl