Bulgarians in Leeuwarden [1]

It’s not a surprise that the Netherlands is the place where many high school graduates go to in order to continue their studies. With friendly environment, rich culture and high-quality education, the country draws in students from a myriad of places around Europe and the world. Studying in the Netherlands has recently risen in popularity in my home country, Bulgaria. Just in NHL Stenden alone, there are well-over 100 Bulgarians, in all of the courses that the university has to offer.

By: Filip Svechev

That is a pretty big number, considering all the different cities in the Netherlands with great universities. In a series of upcoming articles, we’ll go over what makes Leeuwarden so appealing. In this one, we’ll focus on how some of them learned about this city, and why they decided to study here.

Ventsislava, a first year Creative Business student, commented: “Before I applied to any university, I attended a university exposition in Sofia. NHL Stenden was among the universities that were mentioned. I saw the Creative Business program that NHL Stenden had to offer, and it seemed quite appealing to me. After that I started doing research into the university, the program and Leeuwarden. I was happy with what I learned so I decided to come study here”.

Birsen, another first year Creative Business student, said: “My decision to come study in Leeuwarden wasn’t random. I worked with an agency which promoted studying in the Netherlands. NHL Stenden was among the universities that the agency was partners with, and that’s how I learned about Leeuwarden”.

Radoslav, a first year Tourism Management student, had this to say: “For quite some time I’ve wanted to study something related to tourism, but I didn’t want to study in Bulgaria. I went to an exposition where I learned about different universities in the Netherlands. The two that grabbed my attention were the one in Leeuwarden and the one in Breda. After I did some research and consulted with other people, I ultimately picked NHL Stenden”.

In the upcoming issues, we’ll go over what is it that Bulgarians like about Leeuwarden and whether or not they recommend other Bulgarians to come study in The Netherlands.