YourPost’s DNA: Felix Radoczi from Hungary

Hi! My name is Felix, I am 21 years old and I come from Hungary (and I am not hungry thank you : ) ). I am living in Leeuwarden while I am doing my study program till 2022. I am studying Creative Business at NHL Stenden. I have been almost two and a half years in Leeuwarden.

Why did I choose Leeuwarden and the NHL Stenden? I have to say that it was not my only option. I applied for some Hungarian universities as well. But I felt that I wanted something new. I wanted to meet new people and to know some other cultures. Besides that, I wanted to improve my English skills. After I have been spending more than 2 years here in Leeuwarden, I start to feel home.

Leeuwarden is a really international city. What I will miss the most from here when I leave is how quiet and welcomed you feel, and the Kibbeling. It is a city full of friendly people. My special place in Leeuwarden is the park, the Groene Ster (red. translation: Green Star), next to the golf club, where I go when I want to be alone. It is one of the most and peaceful places of Leeuwarden.

I joined YourPost as an assignment for the USP project which is part of my Creative Business study program. I want to experience what it is like to be a journalist. So that is why I am here: I am trying to do the best of my abilities every single time.