NHL Stenden interviews [2], Myla: ,,For me personally Leeuwarden is perfect”

NHL Stenden study Communication is one of those studies that are only available in Dutch. It is a four-year bachelor study and teaches about media, communications, marketing, as well as psychology. Myla is a Communication student…

By: Leonie Lange

How did you find out about the Communication study?
,,While I was researching different universities in the Netherlands.”

Do you like the study?
,,I really enjoy my study at NHL Stenden, it is a nice University. I feel like it was a good decision to come here.”

If you could turn back time would you decide on this study again?
,,If I had that ability, I would definitely choose the same study again, the same university again.  I am really enjoying my time here.”

How do you like studying in Leeuwarden?
,,Stenden is a nice university to study at, but it is also a bit cold here in Leeuwarden. Not only because of the weather but because the city is rather small, not so full of adventure as I always imagined. It is not like Amsterdam. You have to think about it, weather that is what you want.  For me personally Leeuwarden is perfect. I would not want to live in a city as big as Amsterdam. Also, Leeuwarden is a really nice city to go out – there is a lot of stuff to do as it is a very cultural city. There are a lot of interesting events held here.”

Do you have any advice for people considering to study Communication?
,,Like I said before you need to think about all of your options, you need to know what you want; whether you prefer a small or a big city. Check out NHL Stenden´s Homepage and maybe check out the Instagram of NHL Stenden and NHL Stenden´s cafes. What I did was renting a room for a few days before making my decision. I waked around the city and the Uni and in the end that really helped me to make my decision. It gives you a better view and feel for everything. Also, always talk to more that one person if you need advice.”

Thank you for the interview!