The weather in Leeuwarden

The weather in the Netherlands is known to be unpredictable. Sunshine in one moment and rain in the next. To add to this, the flat landscape leaves no obstacles for wind. One would like to call the weather of the Netherlands a real beastly weather. Should that stop internationals from coming to the Netherlands, coming to Leeuwarden? No, absolutely not.

By: Leonie Lange

During my stay in the Netherlands I have met countless internationals from different countries and different cultures, but they all had one thing in common – they struggled with the weather in Leeuwarden.

The weather may bee seen as unpredictable, but in truth it is rather predicable. Weather apps make it pretty clear what one has to expect. Rain radar, for example let´s you see the rain clouds moving on the radar, predicting if you need to bring an umbrella or not. And that is not the only trick that the Dutch have created when it comes to the weather. If you are an international from another climate entirely and you are struggling with the weather, then go and ask a Dutch person for help. Also consider buying one of those tiny umbrellas to keep in your bag for emergencies. It will not only be helpful to protect you from a sudden rainfall; no, it is also useful to boast to you friends about how prepared you are. Consider also to bring waterproof shoes with you – and a waterproof bag.

Lastly, do not be scared of a bit of water. The Netherlands may not have the best weather – it is wet, and the wind makes it hard to cycle; but it has friendly people and beautiful cities. Leeuwarden has much to offer with its vibrant city core and its Universities. And weather is also something one can get used to. Here the advice of a Dutch when it comes to the weather in their country: Do not be afraid about coming to the Netherlands because of the weather. It is true, we have a lot of rain, but for all that rain we also have sunny days.