Laura Apostol from Romania – YourPost’s DNA

I am Laura Liliana Apostol, 19 years old from Bucharest, Romania. Leeuwarden has become my hometown ever since I came here in September, to start my studies at Stenden University. Starting from the first day, I knew that Leeuwarden will become my home, as I felt very comfortable and peaceful in it.

What I like about Leeuwarden is the serenity and the cosiness of this town. I like how everything is surrounded by nature. Therefore, the special place that I enjoy going to is De Groene Ster, or how I call it, “The lakes”. This place is full of life and peacefulness, offering me the feeling of calmness, as the place is surrounded by nature and lakes. De Groene Ster is not far from the city, only 20 minutes by bike, but once you go there, seems like every problem is left behind in the city. Finding this place made me fall in love with Leeuwarden and Friesland.

Why YourPost? At first, I chose YourPost because I wanted to do volunteering work, and write articles. However, during the last 10 months I’ve been part of it, YourPost, for me, has become family. Being a stranger in a foreign country is difficult, but the whole YourPost family made me feel included. YourPost lets me express myself however I want and I am able to write articles about what I am actually interested in.

YourPost is a press office for civil journalism. Volunteers, students and professionals together tell stories about Leeuwarden and Fryslân and the people who live there. With the aim of showing the special character of the region. This in the run-up to Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018. Who forms YourPost’s DNA?