‘LICHAMEN’ is for everyone

‘LICHAMEN’ – means bodies – is a multidisciplinary exposition, where completely different people are going to tell you their intimate stories about the relationship they have with their own bodies. Celine Wierda, a 22-years-old student who studies Theatre in NHL, is a founder of this unique project. She started it 5 months ago, in December 2016, and was totally surprised about herself.

By: Ksenia Padaliakina

In the beginning there was only an idea for a play, but it kept growing and getting bigger in length of the time. Now Celine works with 3 more students from the same major, and together they want to achieve their goal – create this exposition and bring the main idea to the audience.

‘Lichamen’ is for everyone. Does not matter how old are you and what are your beliefs. What really matters is your way of thinking about your body. The play targets everyone and aims to show everybody that we all are beautiful; no matter what body type we have.
With the help of this project Celine and her colleagues want to show people how important it is to except yourself and except your insecurities. The play takes around 30-45 minutes and involves 9 people – not only professionals, but also those who did not have any experience with theatre before. ,,As we all are different, our bodies are different as well. We all have different stories of our lives, that is why we need to accept our bodies the way they are”.

Celine’s goals
June 28 2017 is the time when this inspiring exposition will be shown. The time when the movie will be able to be seen. Although Celine wants to do it every half a year during next 2 years, she has a goal to create the biggest exposition of all materials they have made at the end of 2019. Her goal is to grow and get more partners to work with. Nevertheless, at the moment the main and the most important goal for her is to let people understand how they think about their bodies, and let them except themselves the way they are.