Patrizia Rangelova from Bulgaria – YourPost’s DNA

My mom named me Patrizia 21 years ago. I took my dad’s surname, so call me miss Rangelova. On a beautiful day in August, when I got my name, I started my life in a beautiful house in a beautiful city called Sofia, which happens to be the capital of Bulgaria. Nineteen years later I took the brave decision to leave for unknown lands to complete my bachelor degree. Thus, I am now a third-year media and entertainment management student here in Leeuwarden’s biggest international university – Stenden, where all people from all countries share the same troubles with exams and assignments, enjoy the greatness of student life and grow, dream, work, improvise, live and love.

Because of a school assignment I ended up at YourPost. Yeah, yeah, we all think school work is never the preferred choice. But to be honest, joining YourPost was the wisest decision I took since the beginning of the school year. Their mission is to spread information about the beauty of Leeuwarden all over the place so that the future visitors of our European Capital of 2018 will know something about it and will be excited to find out much more. Thus, I find this as a great opportunity to create something that will enhance something else.

In this rubric YourPost’s DNA I will tell you about my favorite place around here and this will be ‘De Groene Ster’. It is a big park a right outside of the city. However, easily reachable with all means of transport. During summer it is a great location for picnics, hosts some great festivals, and nice opportunity for some chill beach vibes. In the winter it is a stunningly beautiful place for a walk with your dog, cat, rabbit, or whatever you have. The sunsets are always beautiful, and I can assure you the sunrise is just so magical. I love nature and going there always charges my batteries. De Groene Ster, my favorite green start of them all.