Stephen Krans from Nigeria – YourPost’s DNA

I am Stephen Krans, I was born and grew up in Nigeria. I am a student of Stenden University of Applied science Leeuwarden; I work as freelancer in designing website and posters and sometime I repair computers. Since February, 2015 I live in Leeuwarden, a most peaceful city with great people. I don’t regret I live and study in Leeuwarden. I think it’s a beautiful city. Even though I am a student I see positive attitude from people of Leeuwarden. Since I live in this city I have never face any racists what so ever.

Fries Museum is my favourite place in Leeuwarden. I don’t know why maybe I love artistic work. The building is so amazing if you are inside the building is different of what you see outside.  Most of the time sat in front of Fries museum to cool myself down with my head phone listening to Reggae music.

I could write millions of words about myself. For example, what I want to become in the future? What kind of food I like most? What is my favourite colour?  How do you want your house to look like? And so on and so forth. But I have different idea which is about a dream. What is a dream?  That is the question I do ask myself often, but I do have a dream. I believe everyone have a dream. Here is my definition of dream and you can put it to test and pass it. A dream is an inspiring picture of the future that energizes your mind, will and emotions that empowering you to do everything you can to achieve it.

Many people have overwhelming by the disappointments and hurts. I will tell you that disappointment is the gap that exists between our expectation and reality. If you want your dream to be fulfilling you can’t over look those gaps. For instance, when something goes wrong, we say, “I’ll never do that again” what a mistake, especially when it comes to our dreams! Do you know that failure is the price we must pay to achieve those dreams?

About my DNA: Actually, in my tube I wanted to create a piece of love sign that signifies peace and harmony. That would really stand for my DNA! So: my dream to be a successful person in life lies within my positive mind. Well now there’s a lot of difficulty and obstacle along the road to success but I hope one day my dreams will come true. One love.

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