Street art in Leeuwarden [8]: iamfake

This artifact deals with the conflict in the Middle East. On the left is a Palestinian, on the right a Zionist and in the middle an Israeli border guard. It shows how different parties are pulling on robes for the military to be active. At the same time, however it shows how Fake would like to see it. Play together joyfully and without conflict. This work was commissioned by the Writer’s Block Mural Festival in November 2018.

By: Mayelle Franze

An art journey through Leeuwarden
Since I’ve been living in Leeuwarden for almost two and a half years now, I’ve noticed more and more often that the city of street art is just sprouting up. Therefore, I wanted to discover this art on the one hand and on the other hand to capture it and learn about it. While Justina Rakauskaite and I found a map that gave us a better overview of the street art of Leeuwarden. Now we would like to share this insight with you in a consecutive series.  Furthermore, it was possible for us to get more background information about some artworks and more about the artist and the meaning. Now let us enchant you on another journey of the art of Leeuwarden.