Thialf: More than the heart of international ice skating

HEERENVEEN – Outdoor rink, roofed stadium, 12.500 seats and several world records. Thialf – a place to set new world records, enjoy diverse ice sports and visit with your family. Thialf is an ice arena in Heerenveen, Netherlands, which long and great history started in 1855, when the Thialf nature park was constructed. More

Frisian Congress: improving Friesland

frisian-congressLEEUWARDEN – Frisian countryside is the most beautiful part of the Netherlands, with wonderful sceneries where archaic architecture meets modern influences. However, Frisian countryside is not only about beautiful architecture and splendid nature, but mostly about people. Many may ask how people can define a place. Well, for Friesland this is possible, as people are the ones who make this place unique. More