The food heaven on the Friday market

Have you ever wondered why the city of Leeuwarden is always so busy on Fridays and why everyone is hurrying  in the city center? Well, that is because of the farmers market, which is a temporary market organized only on Fridays on Wilhelminaplein, and for those who don’t know Leeuwarden yet, that’s in the city center, in front of the Fries Museum. The market is opened from the morning until afternoon, offering the best, ecological products at discounted prices.

By: Laura Apostol

As living on my own for a year has been difficult in terms of grocery shopping, having the farmers market on Fridays, gives me the opportunity to have everything that I need in one place. The variety in products is vast, as farmers from all over Friesland come to Leeuwarden to sell their good-quality products. These products range from fresh vegetables and fruits of the season, to clothes, mobile accessories, Dutch cheese, pastries and even household items.

Furthermore, the market offers a wide range of flowers, as farmers sell the most beautiful and colorful plants, from bulbs of tulips, to carnations and extraordinary bouquets. However, what differentiates this from the supermarket is the fact that the farmers make sure to give you the best instructions to take care of the plants and enjoy them for as long as possible.

The Best Part
However, the best part of the market is the atmosphere! It’s impossible to miss the smell of the sweet pastries and the freshly cooked foods, along with the farmers shouting “lekker, lekker, lekker” (yummy, yummy, yummy) to try to attract customers. Going to the Friday market is a tradition in the Frisian culture, as this represents a way to socialize and do shopping at the same time. People visiting the market range from children to senior people, as the market has to offer something to everyone.

People’s opinion
Interviewing people around the market, most of them enjoy the cheap prices, and the good variety in products, but the one thing they really look forward to every Friday is getting a taste, literally, from the Frisian culture. From kroket (meaty rolls), to kaas (Dutch cheese), stroopwafels (caramel waffles) and pannekoeken (Dutch pancakes), the market is a heaven on earth when it comes to food.