Tranformation of the Blokhuispoort

LEEUWARDEN – Since the closure of the Blokhuispoort as a prison in 2007, the building is getting a new look and function. The Blokhuispoort is becoming the cultural heart of Leeuwarden. It is being transformed into an extraordinary cultural business centre, which offers for instance shops, art, concerts, the central library, work spaces for students, a hostel, and a restaurant in a great setting. Alibi hostel is finished already and visited to get an impression of the new look.

By: Ksenia Padaliakina

Boei company renovates the former prison to an area of culture, economy, recreation and tourist center. Alibi hostel is a great hostel to spent a night with your loved one or friends, and it is also possible to organize events in the monument. For the up coming European Cultural Capital event in 2018, Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018, the Blokhuispoort will be the center point.