Tresoar – The home of Frisian History

Tresoar in Leeuwarden is a place where beautiful history of Friesland reveals itself through captivating stories and images, being the world of information about everything Frisian. Here, young meets old and present meets past, as Tresoar offers hundreds of thousands of books, photos, newspapers, recordings, and manuscripts dated from centuries ago, related to the Frisian province. Furthermore, the quietness and peacefulness of this place is perfect for letting yourself forget the present and live in the intense past.

By: Laura Apostol

As a foreigner, visiting Tresoar is more than extraordinary, because you not only get to know the beautiful and rich past of Friesland, but you can also discover information about your own country. Getting to know and live for a little bit, the medieval and ancient times, determines you to feel closer to Friesland and its culture.

However, not knowing the language might be a disadvantage, but Tresoar offers various books in foreign languages like English, German and even Chinese, that give you an insight of the history of the Frisian province.

Digital collection
Furthermore, Tresoar has a digital collection which gives the opportunity to people to search and find out about the history of their city, villages, streets and even houses. The institute offers map collections and pictures related to the searches that have been made, along with a series newspapers, address books, chronicles and videos. Moreover, this digital collection has an archive on ancestors, list of occupations, letter form expatriates and family names that are related to the Frisian province.

Beautiful history
Tresoar is the place where people can find their roots and discover the beautiful history of Friesland. As an international student, visiting Tresoar is not only an opportunity to develop yourself, but also to feel connected to the wonderful past and present of Friesland.