You call this Madness, We: Drum and Bass – Leeuwarden unmasked [6]

One thing I missed so much during my first and most of the second year of living here in Leeuwarden, was a decent drum and bass event. A place in time and space where you can go mental, dance, jump, free your mind of all trouble and just follow the bass.Oh, I remember back in Bulgaria, where I come from, going to the mountains to seek for a, hidden somewhere in the forest, drum and bass festival. And then you hear the music, and then you get excited, the adrenalin rushes through your veins. Just feels great!

By: Patrizia Rangelova – photo: Bezjan Ahmadi

At a point when I almost lost hope that I won’t find it here, on a bright Tuesday morning, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, a sweet companion of my coffee; it appeared to me. It was a drum and bass event at a local performance and event venue, called Neushoorn. The lineup featured Black Sun Empire supported by two other local DJ’s part of the by far one and only drum and bass organization around – Amusia DNB. I was hyped because it sounded really promising. Right away bought myself a ticket because I didn’t want to miss that. No way!

To give you a little introduction on all involved, Neushoorn is not only a venue for performances and events of all kinds, but a nice and cozy café during the day, as well as a music production studio. It gathers artists from all over the place. Furthermore, Nightshift Presents is a concept of theirs, which invites different artists each edition for the sake of good music, good vibes, and great parties. And saving the best for the last, the guys of Amusia DNB serve us with the finest drum and bass artists and the craziest visuals.

Veni, Vidi, Vici
With those three very special ingredients the dinner is served and it is time to party. And thus, I’d say: ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’. Just like real Caesar, I went and I didn’t want to leave, I saw and I was pleasantly surprised, then finally I conquered the dancefloor. And there was it on this same dancefloor, all that I was looking for, the missing piece in this Leeuwarden adventure – drum and bass madness just as I like it.

Insane visuals & the finest drum and bass in town
A bird told me some exciting dishes combining insane visuals, mad drums, and a lot of bass are cooking for the coming year. If I were you, I’d follow them on the mighty social media channels for more information. The picture attached to this article was proudly derived from there and even though it is not made at this particular event, it might as well give you an impression of what I mean. And finally, big thanks to all of you that took this ride to unmask the mystical beauty of Leeuwarden’s music scene.