YourPost’s DNA: Aleksandra Levunlieva from Bulgaria

Hi, there! My name is Aleksandra, but you can call me Aleks or Lexi. I am from a small city in the southwestern part of Bulgaria that is called Blagoevgrad, and it is famous for its nature and friendly and hospitable people. In fact, the city is very close to the Greece and North Macedonian border. You should definitely visit it someday. But enough for the town, let me tell you something about myself. 

I am a second-year Creative business student at NHL Stenden. Also, I love cooking, photography, fashion, and experimenting with styles, watching movies, and spending time with my friends.

Long story short, in my high school years, I was a big fan of Biology and Chemistry, so I wanted to be a doctor. I also participated in science contests, so I thought I have found my future carrier. Well, in life not everything goes according to plan. In 11th grade, I joined the newspaper and photography team, and it was love at first sign. The creative writing, the media, the photoshoots, the team, and the atmosphere have shown me a whole new industry of opportunities. Indeed, everyone who knew me was shocked and very confused with my decision of diving into the media industry, but I was sure that this was my path to my future carrier.

So, I started researching, and NHL Stenden was the most suitable choice for fulfilling my expectations and dreams. Moreover, the thing that has grabbed my attention was the possibility of working with real clients on real-life problems, which would definitely boost my professional communication skills and my confidence within the media world. At NHL Stenden University, I really fell in place because I am surrounded by young and motivated people who pursue their dreams and do not give up. Therefore, the first picture that I have taken in Leeuwarden is in front of the university. It was during study start week in 2019, and my group and I decided to have a mini-photoshoot to capture that perfect week.

Leeuwarden, where I live and the university is located, is extremely beautiful and colorful and the people are very friendly. Moreover, I have met a lot of students with different cultural backgrounds which gave me the opportunity to try and experience foreign traditions and folklores. Also, in the city, there are plenty of different places for leisure and countless galleries, theaters, and museums. The small shops and cafes, that are very typical for the Dutch cities, create a feeling of hospitality, friendliness, and coziness.

I am joining YourPost as I want to experience a real-life media scene, namely, brainstorming, being part of a team, coming up with the ideas, and then actually producing and fulfilling these concepts. Looking forward to diving in that intriguing adventure.