YourPost’s DNA: Anna Krause from Germany

Hey you! I’m new at the YourPost team and excited to contribute to the content. First things first, let me introduce myself really quick. My name is Anna Krause, I’m 22 years old and from Hamburg, Germany. I’m an easygoing person who loves good food (especially sushi) and good company.

I always wanted to try myself out as a journalist and even considered studying journalism. Well, I ended up studying something different – Creative Business in Leeuwarden. Most likely you will think “what’s that?” right now, but don’t worry, everyone asks me that question. “Creative Business” is a very elastic term, and so is the study. It’s basically all about the Media and Entertainment industry. We learn significant management skills, knowledge about the different media sectors, how to analyze media products, how to produce them and finally, how to market them successfully. For instance, we just produced our own magazines and short films in the last module. So, you see, the study program is wide-ranging as many different fields of activity within the media industry are covered.

After the studies, I will, therefore, be able to select from a variety of jobs because I will have knowledge about all these different areas within the international media landscape and also have gathered a lot of practical experience. And that is also the reason why I came up with the decision to study at the NHL Stenden University here in Leeuwarden. I can still become a journalist after my studies, even though I didn’t specifically study Journalism.

Nevertheless, I’m not only glad to have made the decision to study here because of the variety of opportunities the program offers for my future, but also for the reason that I fell in love with this city at first sight. It really is a small-town idyll, even though it’s not too small. There are so many charming little cafés, bars, and restaurants, I will never get tired of them. And not to forget about the lovely weekly Friday market with kind locals selling local food and other necessities.

And the people living here are also very welcoming and warm. I’m always amazed by the fact that almost everyone speaks such good English and that it’s so natural to them to immediately switch to English as soon as they realize that you’re not Dutch. I can genuinely say that Leeuwarden has everything the heart desires, one doesn’t miss anything in this harmonious Frisian town.