YourPost’s DNA: Feng Chien Kao (Connie) from Taiwan

Hi! My Chinese name is Feng Chien Kao, and my English name is Connie. People usually call me Connie because it is hard to pronounce “Feng Chien”. I am 22 years old. I come from Taiwan, which is roughly the same size as the Netherlands and it is surrounded by the sea. I live in Taipei, which is the capital in Taiwan.

I have dreamed to be an exchange student since I was 17. Because Dutch people speak English very well I chose Leeuwarden and here I am!

Leeuwarden is totally different from Taipei. I like the quiet and simple life in Leeuwarden. I would say the canal near NHL Stenden – the school where I’m studying – is my special place in Leeuwarden, because I often walk this way to buy groceries or go to the city center. Sometimes I meet a lovely cat and I think it’s comfortable to walk along the canal.

I chose a course called Project Management, and the teacher selected me and five other girls to form a team to help YourPost to make this small and beautiful city known in a positive way. We will do our best!