Bulgarian photographer in Leeuwarden

LEEUWARDEN – Meet Alexander Kostadinov, who is a Bulgarian student in Stenden University, studying International Business and Management. Alexander is really a creative and interesting person who has passion for photography.

By: Debora Dimitrova – photo: Alexander Kostadinov

Alexander, can you tell us something more about yourself and your hobby?
“Photography gives me the freedom to create my own reality. Maybe if I was able to draw I would never buy myself a camera but now, I am drawing with the use of my camera lights.

For me photography is something way deeper than pressing a button. Ren Hang who is a Chinese photographer once said: ‘I usually shoot my friends, because strangers make me nervous’. I can absolutely agree on that, this is also the reason why I simply adore taking photos of myself. “

How everything started with photography?
“I was probably eleven years old when I first got in touch with a digital camera. Nowadays, I am striving to achieve the color grading of most of the films that were in use when I was really, really young.

But, my real development in the sphere started when I went studying Photography in Arts University Bournemouth, United Kingdom. I never thought that I would be able to earn real money with photography, I was always focused on the pleasure that it was bringing me.

However, now I work as a club photographer in club Hemingway and there is a deeper meaning for me, it is not just shooting.”

What inspired you in Leeuwarden and in general to make pictures?
“I am inspired by the need to change the environment around me, by the need to show everyone what I see and of course by my feelings and thoughts that are eating me from inside.

For me photography, is something that takes time. I cannot take out my camera and take pictures of something and expect an amazing result. If I have to make photoshoot I need time, in order to observe the location, I need to spend some time talking to the person who I have to shoot, I need to understand how this person sees him or herself. With other words, I need to get into your mind before I shoot you. “

“When I first came in Leeuwarden I was fascinated by everything; people, canals, buildings and so on. I wanted to capture everything with enormous enthusiasm, then I created the page ‘Experience Leeuwarden’, in order to help people to experience the city as I did.

However, this enthusiasm became less and less with every week spent here, because I started to get used to the environment and this is the reason why a year and a half after I am constantly walking around the city with the view of finding sports that I have never visited before. I am curious like a child when I have my camera with me.“