Broodje Bewust: The cafe that is always one step ahead

The fact that the Netherlands is below the sea level ishardly any news and neither is the fact that we are currently struggling with a huge climate threat. Having the earth and the future in mind, there have been different trends that can be followed in order to think and act sustainable. Not only, from a human perspective, but also from a local company perspective. More

Yoga classes in Leeuwarden

LEEUWARDEN – Meet Benny Rebergen who has always been fascinated by how a good interaction could be either at dinner with his parents or the positive impact of the time spend in the gym. This interest brought him to Amsterdam where he studied communication for three years and then later to Stenden University where he got his BBA in Hospitality. Today Benny is an entrepreneur here in Leeuwarden and teaching yoga and doing some coaching in his studio in Leeuwarden called ‘Adem in Yoga’ near the campus of Stenden University. More