Broodje Bewust: The cafe that is always one step ahead

The fact that the Netherlands is below the sea level ishardly any news and neither is the fact that we are currently struggling with a huge climate threat. Having the earth and the future in mind, there have been different trends that can be followed in order to think and act sustainable. Not only, from a human perspective, but also from a local company perspective.

By: Nadja Nordström

The previous student, Tjitske Faber, was studying Small Business and Retail Management at Stenden University. Together with her boyfriend, Fabian Otten, they started the cafe Broodje Bewust in Leeuwarden in August 2014. It all began when the two owners shared an interest for healthy and environmental-friendly food.

By combining their interests for healthy food together with making their own business strategy and getting consultancy from the teachers – turned out to be one step towards the right direction. ,,There was one teacher that I remember in specific who supported and helped.” As soon as the studies were done, being owners of the company was not a dream anymore, it was the reality.

Think and act green
The main focus for the local business is sustainability in various ways. Studies have shown that a plant-based diet is one of the most suitable diets for the human and the earth in order to try to save the natural resources. Choosing plants instead of meat have turned out to have a great impact on the earth and the greenhouse effects.

,,The main concept is organic food. We work 80 percent with organic products and products from locals.” Their products that they use come from local providers around Friesland. The cheese comes from the factories in both het Bildt, Zevenhuizen and Workum and the bread comes from a organic bakery in Jubbega.

EKO quality mark
A lot of their dishes on their menu are vegan. Besides from that, they are also the only catering firm in Friesland that has the EKO quality mark from the non-profit organisation. They received the mark in April 2015. Having the certificate means that the company is overseeing their purchasing. To get the brand, it is important to understand how agriculture, food and society are intertwined together. There are different marks within the EKO label but they have the Golden certificate for the reason that that work with eco-friendly products between 80 to 100 percent all the time. If it is not organic by any chance, then it is probably from a local business to make sure that it is being produced responsibly.  ,,It is the future and for a better world”, says Tjitske.

Always one step ahead
In addition, there is an electric tricycle parked outside the cafe, which you can see if you are close by. If you can not find it, then the bike is probably out on a tour since the staff isusing it for delivery services. The fact that the bike is used for delivering services, rather than a car, says a lot about the environmental way of thinking from the previous students.