Federico Patelli from Italy – YourPost’s DNA

I’m Federico Patelli, I’m 20 years old, I’m Italian, I’m a Communication student at NHL. I decided to move to The Netherlands from Italy for a while. I’m doing my Erasmus program for 6 months, I chose Hollande and NHL for its reputation.

Leeuwarden is not a big city, I’m used to living in Milan, with millions of citizens, but here everybody make you feel at home. Dutch people are very open-minded and friendly, I feel very comfortable living here. Back in Italy I’m studying Business management and foreign languages.

In NHL, for the Communication minor, I’ve been joining Project Management course for a couple of weeks and I join YourPost because it’s a media agency working to spread Leeuwarden information all around the Netherlands. Since Leeuwarden will be the European Capital City of Culture in 2018, we’re working hard to develop some catchy contents, even on social media, as Instagram, to widespread the content.

I think Leeuwarden is a magic city, at the beginning I thought it was small for me, but I have to admit that is a very nice town to live in. There are some places I love the most; Firstly, the city centre, across the canal and the street where during Friday and Sunday there is the local market. The first thing I thought it was about the Christmas atmosphere. I really enjoy cycling around the street during 6pm when the darkness comes down and the lights through the canals start shining.

I love sunsets, and when in Leeuwarden there is the sun, there are the best sunset ever! Secondly, there is a small plod/close the Oldehove where music festival sometimes takes place, it very peaceful even to stay there and lay down on the garden around the plod. I’m itching to discover more of Leeuwarden!