Experience Leeuwarden from the top

There are many beautiful locations in Leeuwarden that are worth a visit, but we are limited to going to them one by one. However, to see it all at once would be an incredible experience. How would that be possible? Well, from above, of course! More

A world of languages in Leeuwarden

Languages are mysterious things. Somehow, different people around the globe over thounsands of years managed to create their own, unique languages. Have you ever wondered how many are out there? What do they look like or even sound like? Here in Leeuwarden, there’s just the place where you can find these answers! More

Eternalize your mark in Leeuwarden with DNA

What is the best way to eternalize someone’s presence somewhere? A statue, perhaps. Or maybe a painting. Good options, but nothing can beat our DNA. The one thing that we all have in common but that makes each one of us different and unique. To celebrate that, Leeuwarden is collecting its citizens’ DNA. However, it is not what you would think. More