A new home for the hopeful

What will the future bring and how does it look like? Exactly this is the question what the curators Maarten Hajer and Michiel van Iersel asked in order to create content for the current exhibition “Places of Hope”. The results and artworks can be visit in the Kanselarij until the 22nd of November 2018.

By: Anna Greifeneder and Candela Cardona Serralvo

The goal of the exhibition is not to point out what will be most likely in the future. It is more about developing and showing new methods, possible concepts and solutions in the field of agricultural economics, alternative power generation and a sustainable form of living. Leeuwarden is with its location a perfect example for collaboration between city and countryside and the try of harmony between people and nature. At the same time, it is about inspiration of already existing ideas and to figure out what could be possible and in which direction the country will go.

A peaceful and musical opening
The exhibition was opened with a big parade from the Blokhuispoort to the Kanselarij. This parade was formed by Lady’s Hardware, a percussion group composed of several women, who have been working together since 2001; and also a lot of “protesters” with different banners, in which you could read messages about freedom, ecology and climate change. At the end of the parade, the mayor of Leeuwarden gave a speech, officially opening the exhibition, and encouraging everyone to go and enjoy Places of Hope.

More than just an exhibition
But the exposition is not going to stand alone. Accompanying her, there are going to be many different events. During these eight months that Places of Hope is going to be opened, these events will help it to grow and be known. The events are for everyone, from children to elderly people, but also from people just interested in the topic to professionals. There are going to be different debates, workshops and manifestations, just to give an example. You can see all the events on the official webpage of Places of Hope (www.placesofhope.nl).

A positive look to the future
As the name of the exhibition already says, it is about hope. Therefore, the topic is presented in a positive way. Nowadays media and society often complain about how the world and the environment has been developed and everything seems so sad and unchangeable. It is very refreshing to see this complex topic worked out in the opposite way with showing the power of innovative people.