YourPost contributes to DNA artwork

The art project DNALWD2018 collects the personal stories or memories of everyone who has ‘something’ with Leeuwarden. Stories about work, friendship, hobby, the love for your partner or passion for your sport. The possibilities are endless. The editors of YourPost also feel involved in this community art project.

By: Aukje Mulder – photo’s: DNALWD2018 and YourPost

Not only ‘Liwwadders’ but also people who study here have a bond with the city. That certainly applies to the editors of YourPost. This online platform for citizen journalism is an initiative of LF2018 and is formed by volunteers and international students. In the section ‘The DNA of YourPost’ they tell their personal stories on  So it is logical that they are enthusiastic about the community project. They supplied their DNA tubes at DNALWD2018.

City office
In the form of a transparent artwork, all those thousands of tubes can be seen in the Stadskantoor (City office). The corresponding personal stories are kept on the website. In this way, the ‘DNA of Leeuwarden’ tells the story of all Leeuwarders. The exchange students mainly look at what the city offers them. And that’s a lot. ,,Culture, history, conviviality and nature close by”, many students say. Paulina from Lithuania names the coziness. ,, Leeuwarden is definitely my second home.” She is also surprised that so many people speak English. ,,Even my ten-year-old neighbors and eighty-year-old guests in the restaurant where I have a job.”

Chill beach vibes
Patrizia from Bulgaria is fond of the Groene Ster. ,,Well accessible and in summer a beautiful location for picnics, festivals and for some chill beach vibes. In the winter it is a stunningly beautiful place for a walk with your dog, cat, rabbit, or whatever you have. Here I can really charge my battery”. ,,If you are used to Milan with its millions of inhabitants, Leeuwarden is not exactly big,” says Italian student Federico. ,,But everyone makes you feel at home. Dutch people are very open-minded and friendly, I feel very comfortable living here.”

Seagulls and horse
With nature nearby, Rica from Germany sometimes wakes up by the noises of the seagulls. On the other hand, she also enjoys the crowds in the center. And as a passionate rider is her special place: the statue of the horse in the city center. For Sare from Iran, who is interested in art and architecture, it is the Oldehove. Remedios from Spain fell in love with the Netherlands in general and Leeuwarden in particular. ,,This place has the power of making you feel at home even when you’re thousands of kilometres away.”

The magic of canals
After a visit to the Netherlands last year, the choice of the Czech Tereza fell at Leeuwarden as a student city. She does not regret it. ,, I love the helpful and open-minded local people, the lively city center, the magic of glistening canals, trend of riding a bike and Frisian food (especially sugar bread). There are lots of tiny and narrow streets in the city centre where I daily love to get lost in. This way I’m still discovering new places, views, and architectural jewels of Leeuwarden.”

Read all personal stories on, on the YourPost Facebook page and on www.dnalwd2018. To find the stories of the international participants go to: YourPost’s DNA