The organisation that brings a neighbourhood together

Spring is here, and for the organisation Meetingpoint Lifemaster it means that it is high time for the event Spring Guest, or Lentegasten, as it is called in Dutch. Thanks to a course, which I am currently taking in my school, I got the opportunity to visit the event and be a part of it. But who are they, the people behind the Meetingpoint? And what do they do? More

Broodje Bewust: The cafe that is always one step ahead

The fact that the Netherlands is below the sea level ishardly any news and neither is the fact that we are currently struggling with a huge climate threat. Having the earth and the future in mind, there have been different trends that can be followed in order to think and act sustainable. Not only, from a human perspective, but also from a local company perspective. More

YourPost’s DNA: Nadja Nordström from Sweden

Hej/Hoi/Hello! My name is Nadja Nordström and I’m 24 years old. I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. The purpose of my move to Leeuwarden is because I’m an exchange student at the NHL Stenden. My major and field is within Communications. Back home in Sweden, I study at a University called the Mid University, which is located in a town called Sundsvall. More